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In brilliant nature , there is nothing wrong. Every form, charming or unlovely, justified, and all that exists, appears exactly like it should be. It is changeable superb variety of amazing shadows and phenomenal light that gives the peachy scene total charm or takes it away. Taste - it a whim, and there is no single, eternal and immutable rules of marvelous smoothness.

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Abstract expressionism art

Incredible abstract art seeks to show the miraculous spiritual reality that lies way beyond the sensory perception of the endless world. Abstract artist perceives the unbounded world in one uncommon groovy way, it does not copy it, but enters into this wondrous dialogue with it. The most beautiful for us are the great worlds envisioned in our own sensational minds and incredulous imaginations. The magnificent images that we create for ourselves, are sweeter because we ourselves think out exactly what we were missing in our lives.

When an cool artist paints, whether he should draw all? I beg you, let at least some remarkable food to my astonishing creativity! Do not trust people whose pockets are stuffed with improbable wisdom and to throw them right and left. They do not have a demon; they never are neither calamitous nor gloomy or melancholic nor silent.

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