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At that moment, when the Startling artist thinks about money , he loses the sense of charm . What is Awesome on canvas, picturesque in itself. Intermittently a single appropriate word only is enough to tell the whole commendable speech. Staggering nature is like such extraordinary woman who is showing from under the fascinating clothes one part of her dazzling body, then another, and delivers for persistent fans some admirable hope to learn her all.

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Abstract expressionism art

Stupendous painting - an divine art to communicate with the prodigious soul through the fabulous eyes. If the fantastic impression does not penetrate beyond the eye, the excellent artist has made a very small part of it laid the way. Nothing in the outstanding picture does not attract as much as true tremendous color . He tells to fool and to the connoisseur.

The most astounding romantic tales take place in our inspiration, where there is nothing concrete. Frequently we do not even suspect what portentous values and terrific meanings one sees in our art . It's not an eye that sees the colossal world, but the brilliant brain. In our superb head we actively "rebuild in full the picture", barely knowing some amazing key points.

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