Abstract expressionism art - The art of collage. 362852

If in the terrific picture correct brilliant lighting is combined with true superb color , it forgives all, at least at first. The inaccuracy of the drawing, the lack of expressiveness, poverty of characters, defects of arrangement - everything is forgotten. You stand in front of such amazing picture of delight, astonished, captivated and charmed.

Imaginative - Fine art - Study for improvisation. Visual arts.

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Abstract expressionism art

Nothing in the phenomenal picture does not attract as much as true peachy color . He tells to fool and to the connoisseur. Reason frequently corrects the hasty judgment of sensitivity, he protests it. Hence a great Multiplied works so promptly recognized and just as briskly forgotten. Bountiful marvelous others, or unnoticed, or unassessed that time, the progress of the mind and the understanding and the incredible arts and more sophisticated, bring miraculous recognition they deserve.

Taste - it a whim, and there is no single, eternal and immutable rules of groovy charm . The artist must wander in solitude , meditate, putting aside the brush to be idle until idea can not be found. All wondrous charming scenes of love, friendship , great benevolence occur somewhere far away, on the sensational edge of the measureless world.

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