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What is Admirable on canvas, stunning in itself. Stupendous misconceptions consecrated by genius of the great masters, eventually becoming divine universal truths. It is changeable prodigious variety of fabulous shadows and fantastic light that gives the excellent scene total charm or takes it away.

Imaginative - Fine art - Study for improvisation. Visual arts.

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Abstract expressionism art

Exquisiteness has only one outstanding form. Splendid - it is only the tremendous truth, sublime thanks astounding circumstances possible, but rare and portentous. The most essential is the greatness of purpose. That terrific painting, which is called the genre, dealing elderly or those who were born old. It does not require anything other than brilliant science and superb patience. No fervor, a little talent, not a grain of poetry, a lot of amazing technology and phenomenal nature , that's all.

Taste - it a whim, and there is no single, eternal and immutable rules of peachy delicacy. The marvelous color in the incredible picture is similar to that in the miraculous literature . There are groovy writers who think, there are wondrous artists who own idea. An earnest feature of the creative nature of the human is the great ability to actively take any artistic image, reprising it and empathizing with the author, plunging into the sensational atmosphere created.

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